Thank You Lord

My life didn’t start out all that great

So full of rage, anger and hate

You see I was born without any sight

Could not tell the dark from the light

For my eyes had not seen anything true

Until I found true love through You

I heard You were a great teacher

And that You were a great preacher

A prophet by some You were called

But Your healing touch left me enthralled

You called me out of a world so dim

You helped me see this life of sin

You let me go to utter despair

So I’d be forced to see You there

Ever knocking on the door of my heart

Saying “PLEASE let us not be apart

Let Me take over, trust Me you’ll see

What I’ve planned for your life to be

I died for you I paid the price

Let Me live in you, My love will suffice

You’ll see the change happen over night

As you open your eyes and see the light”

I gave in and gave up my life

At first it hurt, it cut like a knife

For I had many gods that came before Him

But when He finished with me, I didn’t want them

For in Him my eyes could see

I know now this was meant to be

Thank you Jesus from the bottom of my heart

You know where that is, for it’s where Thou art


14 thoughts on “Thank You Lord

  1. In my life, there are certain reasons for wic I shd say ‘THANK YOU, LORD’ for all that He has done for me. Its so inspiring & touching to go thru such beautiful lines, God bless

  2. Very inspirational ..the truth before our eyes as we read and that’s how powerful the Word of God is in you ….God spirit testifys in us as we live for him everyday amen abe

  3. I thank the lord everyday for pulling me out of all my situation, i ever that i have gone through, thank you

  4. I want to thank you for sharing such a personal walk with our Lord that you and he share. You are a fantastic poet. I don’t know anything about you or what you do but, With the gift the Lord has given you, you should consider becoming a motivational speaker. I have been struggling with certain issues in my life and have been trying to better myself. I found that the best way to do that is to open my heart to the Lord. I know many of the struggles I have can only been solved with the help of my almighty savior. You are living proof that we can overcome any adversities we may have when we trust in our Lord. Thank you again and God Bless you.

    • I am glad you liked the poem.I am not the poet though.This is just a poem i shared.I have no idea who the poet is unfortunately.I have been as blessed by this poem as you have.

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